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You don't have to be a skilled craftsperson to help build a Habitat home.
We do need volunteers skilled in such tasks as rough framing, roofing, electrical, plumbing, painting, vinyl siding, and finish carpentry. We also need unskilled volunteers who are willing to learn. Even if you have never held a hammer in your hand or don't know the difference between a phillips screwdriver and a flat head, we can teach you! There are no male or female jobs with Habitat. There is plenty of work for everyone, including those with limited physical strength, those who are uncomfortable with heights and those who can only contribute a few hours out of their busy schedule.
  • Volunteer in the construction of the homes.
  • Paint doors and woodwork.
  • Install towel bars, wire shelving, doorknobs and other trim.
  • Clean house before our partner family moves in.
  • Provide meals, snacks, and drinks for construction volunteers.
  • Raise money for construction through
    • Your church.
    • Your civic organization.
    • Your place of employment.
    • Fundraisers.
    • Other.
  • Donate materials and services that will reduce our cost of building a home.
  • Invite our Executive Director to talk with
    • Your church.
    • Your civic clubs.
    • Your social or professional organizations.
    • Your employer.
    • Other sources of volunteer groups.
  • Serve as
    • A committee member.
    • A board member.
    • A sponsor for one of our partner families.


Habitat for Humanity does more than just build houses.
We want our Partner families to succeed in our program, so we assign each family a support family to mentor them. We also require the partner family to participate in a series of educational workshops on topics pertaining to home ownership. We always need help in both of these areas.

SUPPORT FAMILY: The Support family is usually a married couple, but can be a single adult. The role of the support family is not to make decisions or to act as taskmaster, but to nurture the partner family as they develop independence and make the transition to home ownership.

The support family first meets the partner family soon after the new partner family is screened and accepted into the program. The relationship continues until after the partner family moves into their new home. The support family is expected to closely monitor their partner family's progress in working their sweat equity hours and to encourage the partner family to fully participate in all aspects of Habitat activities.

The support family acts as friend and mentor. They may help identify and address any special considerations as to employment or family situations, physical limitations that may impact the family's ability to perform sweat equity, temporary setbacks that need to be taken into account, or other issues that may arise from time to time. They may also help their partner family identify resources available in the community or through Habitat. 

EDUCATION: Partner families are required to attend certain workshops in preparation for home ownership. The required workshops include: homebuyer education, basic financial management, and insurance. In addition, optional workshops of such topics as nutrition, cooking on a budget, active parenting, relationships, home decorating, and other relevant topics are also offered. 

Currently many of Paducah-McCracken County business professionals are partnering with Habitat to conduct these workshops. From time to time volunteers are needed to assist in organizing or teaching these workshops, or to work with the partnering families to develop their skills or better understand the lesson material.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please call (270) 444-2060.

Sponsoring a Habitat for Humanity Home:
Sponsoring a Habitat for Humanity home is a great way for your organization to help our community while building teamwork and a sense of pride. Your sponsorship can include the following:

  • Volunteers to build the home.
  • Funds to purchase construction materials and professional services.
  • Donations of construction materials or professional services.
  • Hospitality services such as snacks, drinks, and lunches for construction volunteers.
  • Mentoring a Habitat family.
  • Publicity within your organization and your community.


Our Construction Project Manager will supervise the overall construction of the house. You may provide skilled crew leaders, or we can recruit from our experienced volunteers. Both skilled and unskilled volunteers are welcome, and we can provide training, if needed. Your volunteers with physical limitations can help with painting, detailed finish work, hospitality services, or administrative tasks. They can help with fundraisers or help prepare our Habitat families for home ownership.

Our Construction project Manager will help you plan the work schedule to meet the needs and availability of your volunteers, including working on Saturdays and holidays. We'll tell you how many volunteers are needed each day and help you organize and recruit your work crews. We provide house plans and tools, and arrange for delivery of all construction materials and subcontractor services.

The excitement builds as co-workers from different departments, supervisors and line workers, committee members, church members, and family members work together, learn together, sweat together, and see immediate, tangible results as the house takes form. They know they are changing lives and improving their community. What greater legacy can your organization leave in this community?

For more information, call (270) 444-2060.

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