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  • Catholic Church New BuildLast Updated On: 11/19/2013

    Watch the new home go up.

  • Tile Mural ReceptionLast Updated On: 4/25/2013

    A fundraiser used to help pay for the Solar/ADA house last year was a Tile Mural. The Mural was donated tothe Barkley Regional Airport for permanent display. It is located in the gate area.

  • Tile MuralLast Updated On: 4/25/2013

    The Tile Mural is located at the Barkley Regional Airport in the passenger gate area. Visitors will be greeted by the beauty of our downtown before they even leave the gate area of the airport!

  • The Naomi 1Last Updated On: 4/25/2013

    This is a rendering of our 2011 build. The garage will become the 3rd. bedroom in our house. This will be the very first solar/ADA house build in all of Habitat for Humanity!

  • The First Solar/ADA Habitat for Humanity HouseLast Updated On: 4/25/2013

    Watch the house being built!

  • St. Thomas More Catholic Church Youth VolunteersLast Updated On: 4/25/2013

    The youth from St.Thomas More Catholic Church have been volunteering weekly this summer. They have helped sort, seperate, price and move tile for sale at the ReStore. They will be helping with the next rehab or new build later this summer.

  • Silent Auction and Evening of TriviaLast Updated On: 4/25/2013

    The "Silent Auction and Evening of Trivia" was held on July 19, 2008.

  • Shelecia Jackson Family Home DedicationLast Updated On: 4/25/2013

    The Shelecia Jackson Family Home Dedication occurred on August 17th.

  • Rookies in the RoughLast Updated On: 4/25/2013

    Pictures of the First Annual Ladies Golf Clinic 2011.

  • Monona United Methodist Church Youth GroupLast Updated On: 4/25/2013

    The Monona United Methodist Church Youth Group worked on 3 homes the week of July 7-12th.